Integrating Skills Testing for Better Hiring Decision-Making

Many of us have used skills testing. It’s a part of the recruitment process where the candidates have to through questions that they need to answer with honesty in mind. Aside from the skills testing, there’s also another type of testing that’s no less useful: psychometric testing.

Incorporating both these tests may provide greater recruitment efficiency for the employer as they can gain better insight into the applying candidates. But, how can we integrate both of them to achieve the optimum result? See more in the explanation below:

About The Skills Testing

Online skills testing is a protocol the employers would use to measure the proficiency of the candidate for both the technical and psychological capabilities. The goal of this testing is to ensure that the individual can fit the position the most.

In skills testing, there are different steps that candidates need to go through:

Aptitude Tests

This skills testing is used to measure someone’s ability to handle and complete the given tasks by the employer. The test may include several tests, including diagrammatic tests, error-checking tests, and deductive reasoning tests.

The goal here is to assess the candidates’ way of thinking by exposing them to several logical problems that require logical answers. Other than that, the test may also be useful to measure one’s ability to stay within the working environment and how one may collaborate with others to achieve the expected result from the employer.

Personality Tests

Other than the tests to assess logical reasoning, there are also personality tests that will focus more on the candidate’s personal characteristics and how well they can integrate themselves with the working environment.

Personality tests are often used to test someone’s behavior, attitude, values, and motivations. Things that couldn’t be easily measured by the ability testing.

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Psychometric Testing

Now, how about the psychometric testing? Both online skills testing and psychometric testing are often seen as a similar concept. They can be used to test someone’s intelligence both actual and emotional, as well as to test how they would likely behave in working conditions.

However, the testing may provide a wider scope compared to the average interviews that employers would often use to test someone psychologically. There are some things that can be obtained from this testing, including:

  • The ability to perform and master a specific set of skills required by the position
  • Ability to manage the duties or tasks given by the company
  • Measure the ability of the candidates to fit into the working environment
  • Test one’s ability to work with others in a collaborative team
  • Measure their ability to get along with fellow employees
  • Making decisions through verbal or non-verbal ways

Other than those, the employers would also use the testing to know about:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the candidates
  • The data that can be compared between candidates
  • Information used to reduce bias in the hiring process

Similar to all kinds of recruitment testing, psychometric testing is also being developed all the time. So knowing which test that can be suitable for the companies’ goals can be useful to make the recruitment process run more smoothly and effectively.

How to Integrate Skills and Psychometric Testing

In order to fully integrate the skills testing and psychometric testing, the employers have to:

  • Know what the company needs – The employer may start asking themselves about what kind of person they are looking for. This is important to maintain hiring accuracy and keep everything in line.
  • Understand the objectives – When integrating the psychometric tests, the employers should also know about the objectives to achieve. Do they want to use the test to assess personal traits, cognitive abilities, or leadership potential? Defining the objectives may help them find the most appropriate testing.
  • Aligning the test with the available framework – Making the alignment may be proven to be beneficial as it can help in evaluating the candidates better by measuring their skills, traits, and behaviors.
  • Integrate the psychometric assessment – The assessment can be integrated at strategic points of the hiring process. For example, the employers may use it as a final part of the interview of even at the first screening.

As psychometric assessment can bring more benefits to companies, it’s recommended that they start integrating it into their recruitment system. While it might not seem easy at the start, the advantages the employer could achieve in the long run would be spectacular.


Integrating psychometric testing into the available skills testing might seem to be confusing at first, especially when it’s the first time an employer has heard about it. But, as long as they can integrate it well using a suitable strategy, psychometric testing can be useful in hiring more professional individuals according to their positions.

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